Friday, December 16, 2016

STU WiFi Self Registration Portal

To register gaming systems or streaming devices on the STU WiFi network, follow these instructions:

1. Before opening the self-registration portal, you must obtain the MAC address of the device to be added. Follow instructions here on how to find the MAC address of your device.

2. Once the MAC address is known, open the portal on a connected device by going to or (there is an underscore between self and registration).

3. A login page will be presented where you must enter your STU Username and Password

4. After logging in, all registered devices under your login will in a list: 

5. To add a device, click the Add button, then enter your STU Username, MAC Address and a Description of your device (for example, XBox). Then click the Submit button. The device will now be added to your connected devices list:

6. To delete a device, check the box next to its MAC Address, then click the Delete button.

Confirm delete by clicking the OK button, or you can Cancel.

STU WiFi Portal Mobile Device Registration

Follow these instructions to connect to our University’s, on-campus, STU_WIFI (wifi connection name), using your laptop or smartphone. You may register up to 5 devices at one time.

After choosing to connect to STU_WIFI, some mobile devices automatically display a splash page, similar to the one below, to register on the network. If you do not see the splash page, please open You can choose whether to login as a Staff, Faculty or Student or to Register as a Guest.

Staff, Faculty and Student Logon:
  1. If you choose to login using Staff, Faculty and Student Logon, your device will be registered for 180 days and you will need to follow these steps again after that time to re-register it. Use your STU username and STU Password then click Login.
  2. After logging in, check the box at “I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy” then click the Complete Registration button only once.
  3. Once the registration process is complete, you will be directed to the homepage.

Register as a Guest:
  1. If you choose to register as Guest, your device will be registered for 1 day and you must follow these directions again after that time to re-register it.
  2. Click the Register button.
  3. Enter your First and Last names and your Email Address, then check the box at “I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy.”
Click the Complete Registration button once when done.

You will be directed to one of the two screens below when you Register as a Guest:

If you are directed to the screen shown below, ensure the blue check appears after “I agree to the Acceptable Use Policy” before clicking the Complete Registration button.

Once the registration process is complete, you will be directed to the homepage.

If you encounter the screen below while trying to login as a Staff, Faculty or Student, please try again or contact the OIT Helpdesk for assistance.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016


All Turnitin assignments in Ember will be created using a new plugin beginning on Jan 1st, 2017. Please see instructions below on the new process.

NOTE: It is recommended that you create assignments and add assignment rubrics (if any) before enabling Turnitin on an assignment.

a. Enable Turnitin External Tool

Once the assignment is created in Ember, click Edit to configure settings to require submissions through the Turnitin software.

  1. Select External Tool when selecting the Submission Type.
  2. Type in Turnitin to search for the Turnitin LTI. 
  3. Click Find to search for the Turnitin LTI.

b. Configure the Turnitin LTI

Once you have searched for the Turnitin LTI, you will see a list of all approved LTI's.
  1. Select Turnitin LTI from the list that appears. 
  2. Once you have selected Turnitin LTI from the list, you will see the URL appear in the field provided. 
  3. Click Select to finish the configuration.

c. Configure additional Turnitin settings

You can create additional settings using the Turnitin software, such as rubrics or when similarity reports are released to students. Click here for more information.

d. View Turnitin enabled assignment

Once you have enabled the Turnitin LTI tool, you can view the Turnitin settings to ensure that the Ember assignment is set up correctly. A Turnitin enabled assignment will look different to students as the submission box differs slightly.
  1. Assignment description will be located at the top of the assignment. 
  2. Title of the assignment will still match the Ember assignment. 
  3. Instructors do have the option to include special assignment instructions
  4. Any additional optional settings configured within Turnitin will be viewable by students. 
  5. Max grade is viewable by students. 
  6. Turnitin availability and due dates will adopt those put in place by the dates indicated on the Ember assignment. If there are no dates put in place, Turnitin will auto-assign dates.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Network Access Control (Wi-Fi Portal)

St. Thomas University is upgrading our Network Access Control (NAC) system to help ensure that your wireless devices are safely admitted to our Wi-Fi campus network.  Creating a safe computing environment for our community is the primary objective for this upgrade.

Users will need to periodically (once per semester) login to our Wi-Fi login portal to enable access to our network and by extension the internet.  The login portal will resemble the portals commonly encountered at Wi-Fi hotspots established by coffee shops, hotels and retail shops.  Once connected to our Wi-Fi network you will simply enter your STU credentials at the web page that appears when you open your web browser.  After successfully authenticating your device (phone, laptop, etc.) it will be registered for the rest of the semester, subsequently you won’t need to login until the next semester.  For campus residents, game consoles can be registered via a dedicated registration page.

This upgrade will occur over the winter break and be fully implemented for the start of the Spring Semester.  We will be distributing instructional material further explaining the device registration process in the coming weeks.

Copier Fleet Migration

The University is pleased to announce we will be upgrading the existing fleet of Multi-Function Printer/Copiers (MFP) over the next several weeks, the new generation of equipment will be from the same manufacturer and feature improved speed and reliability.  We've designed and timed the upgrade so that it will be as low impact on the community as possible.

More information on when your Departmental/Area MFP will be replaced will be distributed shortly.

Friday, September 30, 2016

Microsoft Office Suite Now Available for Free to All Active Students, Faculty, and Staff

Create, collaborate, edit, and view files – even when you’re on the go. Office 365 is anywhere you need it to be: your PC or laptop, tablet or phone.

In keeping with our mission of developing academically and professionally successful leaders; St. Thomas University is proud to announce we've begun to offer the Microsoft Office Suite to active students for free through Office 365. The office suite will also be made available at no cost to Faculty and Staff members.

What is included with the Office Suite?
   Office 2016 for PC (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote)
   Office 2016 for Mac (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote)
   Office Mobile for iPhone
   Office Mobile for Android

How many machines/devices can I install Office on?
Each subscription license allows you to run Office 365 Pro Plus on up to 5 devices - Mac, PC, or mobile (iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

Is this a full version Office and is it available for offline use?
Yes, this is the full Office suite on the PC, Mac, iPhone, and Android platform. All are available for offline use; however, users must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program.

Do I need a login to use any of these applications with Office?
Yes, students will need to log in with their to activate their devices.

What happens when I'm no longer a student or graduate from STU?  What happens if I'm no longer employed by the University?
Only actively enrolled students and actively employed Faculty/Staff are eligible. To continue using Office, a license or subscription must be purchased directly from Microsoft. You can also uninstall Office and use a substitute of your choice.  The documents that you created will still accessible and can be read by software compatible with Microsoft Office.

Please note that you DO NOT need a product key.  You should activate your Office installation with your STU account ( and STU password.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ProctorU – Online Proctoring

St. Thomas University is pleased to offer its students the opportunity to take midterm and final exams (if needed) at home with online proctoring. Using a webcam and a reliable high-speed internet connection, students can take their exams anywhere. ProctorU is a 24/7 online proctoring service and is now available to the STU community.

For Students
If your instructor requests that you use the online proctoring service, you are required to schedule an appointment through ProctorU to do so. Your instructor will specify a time-frame for which you are able to schedule and take your exam.

ProctorU allows you to take exams from any location. The service connects you to a real person who you can see and hear. This person will walk you through the exam process and help you if you run into any problems. Click here for detailed information.

For Instructors
ProctorU is a 24/7 online proctoring service. Proctors connect with the test-taker via a web cam, monitor the test taker's computer screen in real time, and authenticate the test taker's identity using a multi-factor process to replicate the face-to-face proctoring experience over the internet. Setting up your exam is easy. Online workshops will be available for anyone who is interested in using the service for his/her online exam. Please check your email for the workshop invitation or just send an email to the to reserve a spot.

Helpful Links
STU ProctorU Portal:
Technical Requirements:
Questions about your equipment? After testing it yourself, contact Proctor U. 
Frequently Asked Questions: